by Larry Kaplan

Most of today’s roundtable participants are First Amendment Lawyers Association (FALA) members. FALA attorneys all have as a focus of their practice the representation of gentlemen’s clubs and other First Amendment protected businesses and activities. So why should you have one available? There are several reasons:

First, the FALA bylaws require, “Each FALA Regular Member shall be a practicing attorney or a law professor who has a personal and professional commitment to combating censorship and to the preservation of the freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment.”

Second, FALA has over 100 members from coast to coast. And they share information through a listserv and two annual meetings with lectures on subjects of concern to the members. Thus, if your FALA attorney has what seems to be a totally imponderable problem, other members may already have tackled it.

Third, when your local government enacts an ordinance that requires your club to move or destroys its business model, jousting with local politicians can sometimes be worthwhile. Though you might not always be able to nip the ordinance in the bud, you might be able to whittle it down a little.

Finally, it’s a pretty good idea to get a review of your entire business operation from an attorney who has seen others. There could be a land mine that never dawned on you.

Most of the attorneys at today’s roundtable brunch handle cases across the country. However, there are also FALA attorneys in proximity to most adult clubs. Contact any of today’s panelists to represent you or help you find a FALA member attorney near your club.

Larry Kaplan has for 21 years been the Legal Correspondent for ED Publications. In addition, Mr. Kaplan is a business broker in the sale and purchase of adult nightclubs and adult retail stores and the Executive Director of the ACE of Michigan adult nightclub state trade association.

Larry Kaplan at 313-815-3311 or email larry@kaplanclubsales.com